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High performing teams seamlessly work together to share information, resources, and to break down silos. They find ways to align and achieve the team's vision. Together, team members solve problems effectively and make decisions quickly. They're also not afraid to constructively challenge each other to deliver better outcomes.

To enable high levels of communication and cohesion, teams must be aligned around a common purpose, shared goals and have a productive team culture. Team members also need to have deep awareness of their individual personality styles, values, and drivers, and how they positively or negatively impact performance.



Ocean's High Performing Teams (HPT) Program creates a blueprint for teams to develop:

  • a deep sense of team purpose and commitment to the team's vision and values;

  • a set of common goals that articulate what needs to be achieved as a united leadership team;

  • informal team roles that go beyond functional or formal roles, that need to be fulfilled for optimal team success;

  • a Team Charter that outlines behavioural expectations and guide how the team functions;

  • insight into team strengths and weaknesses and strategies for how to overcome them;

  • individual self-awareness, and how  strengths and de-railers can impact the team;

  • deeper interpersonal trust between members.



High Performing Teams Programs work across multiple situations:

  • Creating a new team;

  • Clarify goals and addressing overall team performance (e.g. when teams find themselves in a rut);

  • Growing the team and/ or on-boarding new team members;

  • General alignment/ re-set sessions.