Unprecedented is the word that defines 2020. Global issues from climate to COVID-19, have delivered uncertainty and collective anxiety. The result has been a series of complex and ever-changing challenges for community and business leaders.


To find solutions to these new and difficult challenges, organisations need to draw on a diverse range of perspectives. Fresh thinking from outside the senior or executive leadership team is vital. Your high-potential people could and should be the first source you look to as generators of new ideas and solutions. 

Our Incubator Program provides a framework to engage your high potential people with immediate and emerging business challenges. We work with your most talented people to tackle business challenges with robust thinking and decisive actions. Concurrently, your people will the develop the leadership mindsets, behaviours and skills needed lead effectively in a post-COVID environment.


You develop the leaders of tomorrow, while solving the business challenges of today.

The key steps in our incubator program are:

1. Set the challenge- we work with you to identify and craft the business challenge.


2. Discovery - participants are take through an innovation process  to explore, understand and define the challenge. This stage includes understanding what's happening outside the organisation and in other industries.


3. Distil key insights and benchmark - all research is synthesised into key themes and the organisation is benchmarked against best practice.


4. Develop and present solution recommendations- on completion, participants pitch recommendations to the Executive that will impact the way they work, and potentially become integrated into the organisation’s future strategy.


The Incubator Program is an immersion into the real-world leadership problem-solving process.

Participants become highly engaged in the program because they know the leadership team are looking to them for their research, insights and recommendations.