Image by James Peacock


Resilience is the ability to advance despite adversity

The idea of advancing despite adversity helps to clarify that resilience is something we need to work on throughout our lives.

Eventually, all of us will face adversity, both large and small. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

The good news is that resilience is not fixed.

Resilience can be developed at any stage in life. Research has also shown that it can be developed even through brief training programs.

Taking proactive steps to build resilience assists people to feel more positive and capable in dealing with day to day stresses. It also helps them cope with major life challenges and adversity.


Examples of workshops include:


  • Introduction to resilience: what resilience is, the 6 domains of resilience and tips for development


  • Resilience deep-dive: what resilience is, 6 domains, individual and team assessments, strategies and coaching.