Divers Underwater



Most development programs only focus on developing individual participants. They often include generic content designed to suit a broad range of businesses and contexts. 


Our approach to senior / high-potential / executive team leader development is different because:

  • we use real business challenges to create context and relevance for the program;

  • we co-design the program content with clients to create a truly tailored approach;

  • we use a variety of learning experiences and approaches within the one program (for example  on-the-job, peer, self-directed and virtual learning, group coaching, mentoring and facilitation) so participants stay engaged, and learn how to develop through a range of experiences.



Solving real business challenges as part of a cross-functional team brings multiple benefits for participants and the business including:

  • greater strategic insight into the business

  • opportunities for cross-functional collaboration & problem solving

  • stronger capability in strategic thinking

  • building strategic, operational and personal networks

  • capabilities in strategic story telling


Our approach can be applied in a variety of contexts including:


  • developing high potential leaders

  • engaging and retaining talent